Art & Understanding:
“Effects May Vary”

“Torso of Apollo Recast”
“All Hallows Eye”
“Why I Kick At Night”
“As Zeus”
“Between Men”
“Desert Patio”
“Winter Chores”

“The Back of the Mountain”

Barrow Street:
“To a Poet Who Reads Death into All My Poems”
“Midnight Georgic”

Bay Windows:
“The Company You Keep”

Bellevue Literary Review:
“Desert Patio”

Body Positive:
“If it Helps”

“A Spell to Ward Off Dementia”

“En público” / “In Public”

California Quarterly:
“As Zeus”
“A Butterfly Speaks”

The Christian Century:
“An Ode to Rhoda”

Columbia Review:

Court Green:
“In Season”

“Hell's Canyon”
“Wayne, On His Wife's Eightieth Birthday”

Fogged Clarity:

Fresh Ground:
“The Crossing”

Global City Review:
“Morning, Evening, Night”

Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review:
“Why Howdy Stopped Bar-hopping with Clarabell”
“Where Delt Meets Trap”

The James White Review:
“La Fiebre”

The Journal:
Between Men”

La Fovea
"Crawford Dispatch"
"Seattle's Suzuki/Stanley Kunitz"

Northwest Review:
“Why I Kick At Night”

The Ocean State Review:
“Poem Beginning With a Line by Lorca / Poema que empieza con una línea de Lorca”

The Other Side:

“To a Friend”

“Torso of Apollo Recast”

Poetry New York:
“Narcissus and Echo”
“Effects May Vary”

The Volunteer: